Exam Archive

This document contains links to exams and quizzes that I have given in the past. You may use these to study. Solutions are not provided.

Current Courses

CSC-1120: Data Structures and Graphical Interfaces

Previous Courses

CE-2800: Embedded Systems Software I

CE-2810: Embedded Systems Software II

CS-1010: Computer Programming

CS-1011: Software Development I

CS-1020: Software Design I

CS-1021: Software Development II

CS-1030: Software Design II

CS-2851: Data Structures

CS-2852: Data Structures

CS-150: Intro to Computer Programming

CS-182: Computer Programming

CS-183: Software Design

CS-280: Embedded Systems

CS-285: Data Structures

CS-286: Algorithms

CS-321: Computer Graphics

CS-381: Engineering Systems Analysis with Numerical Methods

CS-385: Algorithms

CS-3851: Algorithms

CS-384: Operating Systems

CS-4802: Digital Image Processing

SE-0010: Software Development I

SE-1010: Software Development I

SE-1020: Software Development II

SE-2030: Software Engineering Tools and Practices

SE-281: Software Component Design

SE-2811: Software Component Design