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Using the following, sketch what the stack and heap would like like after PumpkinPatch.main() is executed.

package slm7;

public class PumpkinPatch {

    public static void main(String[] args) {

        String color1 = "Orange";
        String color2 = "Green";
        final double heavy = 4.5;
        final double light = 2.4;

        Pumpkin p1 = new Pumpkin(heavy, color1);
        Pumpkin p2 = new Pumpkin(light, color2);
        Pumpkin p3 = new Pumpkin(light, color1);

        System.out.println("Pumpkin.numberOfPumkinsInPatch = " + Pumpkin.numberOfPumkinsInPatch);

package slm7;

public class Pumpkin {
    public static int numberOfPumkinsInPatch = 0;

    public double weight;
    public String color;

    public Pumpkin(double weightIn, String colorIn){
        this.weight = weightIn;
        this.color = colorIn;

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