Weekly Outcomes

At the end of each week, students should be able to do the following:

Week 1

Writing Computer Software

Primitive datatypes, Variables, Identifiers

Java Programming Basics

Week 2

Standard Java Classes

Arithmetic expressions


Algorithms and Design

  • Construct and interpret flowcharts representing sequential, conditional, and looping structures

Week 3

Selection statements

Selection statements

Iteration statements

Week 4

More Standard Java Classes

More Standard Java Classes

  • Use parsing methods in wrapper classes to convert text representations of numbers into numeric format
  • Use the toString method in wrapper classes to convert from numeric format into text representations

Week 5

Java Packages

Coding Standards

Object Oriented Design / Object Oriented Programming

Week 6


  • Correctly annotate and interpret fields (name and type) on a class diagram
  • Use visibility modifiers to denote the visibility of a field or method

Class creation basics

Week 7

Defining your own classes

  • Draw and explain memory diagrams that illustrate the instantiation of objects

Week 8

Design Techniques

Design Techniques

Week 9

Class Members


Enhanced for loop

Week 10