The purpose of this assignment is to gain experience writing in Java.


Your instructor may ask you to implement code for this laboratory assignment in IntelliJ or CodingBat. Be sure to follow your instructor's instructions. Here is a brief introduction on how to use CodingBat: Video.


Given a number, return its negative.

How Many Pennies

Given a number representing dollars and cents, e.g. 2.18, return the number of pennies corresponding to that amount.

Last Half

Given a non-empty string with an even number of characters, return the last half. E.g., Given "this" return "is".

Make Initialization

Make a program that writes a line of Java code. Given the name of the variable and its value, return an initialization of an int with that name and value. E.g., given the name "x" and the value "5", return "int x = 5;"


Given a fraction expressed as a numerator and denominator, return the fraction as a floating point number.

Sample Console Interaction

If you are required to use IntelliJ for your implementation, your program interaction should look like this:

1. Negate
Enter an integer value: -3
Result: 3

2. How Many Pennies
Enter a dollar amount: 2.18
Result: 218

3. Last Half
Enter a word: this
Result: is

4. Make Initialization
Enter a name: x
Enter an integer value: 5
Result: int x = 5;

5. Fraction
Enter a numerator: 1
Enter a denominator: 2
Result: 0.5


This laboratory assignment was developed by Dr. Chris Taylor and Dr. Josiah Yoder.

See your professor's instructions for details on submission guidelines and due dates.