CS2852: Data Structures

This course covers the organization of data and the algorithms that act upon them. The topics of arrays, linked lists, stacks, queues, trees, sets, and hash tables are introduced. Fundamentals of algorithm performance are also introduced, with an emphasis placed on time complexity analysis. Laboratory activities include implementation of data structures as well as the application of data structures from standard libraries. (prereq: CS-1021) (3-2-4)


On successful completion of this course, the student will:

General Course Policies

Please review the general course policies webpage.


Data Structures Abstraction and Design Using Java 3rd Ed., by Koffman and Wolfgang, Wiley, 2016. ISBN: 978-1-119-23914-7


Quizzes will be given nearly every week at the beginning of lab. The lowest quiz score will be dropped. No make-up quizzes will be given.


All Lab assignments are worth 100 points per week. A 50% penalty will be assessed for all submissions that do not meet the style guidelines.


Homework assignments will not be graded however, you are expected to complete them by the given due dates. Homework may consist of watching screencasts, assigned reading, completing online surveys, writing code, etc.

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Labs 20%
Quizzes 15%
SLMs 5%
Homework 0%
Exam I 20%
Exam II 20%
Final Exam 20%
Total 100%

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