Self-Learning Module

Outcomes Covered

  • Inspect a call stack trace displayed by an unhandled exception to determine what caused the exception to be thrown

Refactoring [3:18]

  • Creating self-documenting code with good method names
  • Extracting methods with IntelliJ

Stack Traces and Debugging [8:19]

  • What is a stck trace?
  • How many methods were called when the first exception was thrown?
  • How does Force Step Into differ from Step Into?
  • How to toggle Reader Mode

Stack Traces and Conditional Debugging [4:54]

  • What caused the result become zero when multiplying a positive number by 2?
  • What is a conditional breakpoint?
  • How is a conditional breakpoint set?

Stack Traces Simple Review [4:37]

  • Where is the stack shown in the debugger?
  • What information can be provided when an exception is thrown?

Stack Traces JavaFX [4:23]

  • Why doesn't an uncaught exception always crash a GUI program?

Bonus Material (optional)