Senior Design Sponsorship


At MSOE, seniors from all engineering majors are required to complete a senior design experience. Each team takes a project from inception to completion over the course of one academic year.

Projects sponsored by external organizations may offer students a great experience. Students benefit from interacting with working professionals on a project with demonstrable business value. In addition, students may be exposed to a domain that is outside of their major. This generally enhances many aspects of the project experience.

Team Composition

The composition of the team is largely dependent of problem domain for the project. A team may consist of all SE or some combination of SE and other engineering students.

Team Size and Work Expectations

Teams typically consist of five students. Each student is expected to dedicate ten hours per week over the course of roughly 30 weeks.

Benefits to Sponsor

In addition to receiving a finished product at the end of the academic year, a sponsor can benefit in the following ways:

Commitments of Sponsor

It is difficult for a project to be successful if the sponsor is not actively involved. Therefore, it is critical that a sponsor commit to the following:

Intellectual Property

It is important for students to be able to share their project and progress with their peers through presentations. Non-disclosure agreements can interfere with this goal. While it is possible to have the team sign a non-disclosure agreement if you need to disclose certain proprietary information to them, the agreement must be flexible enough for the team to present their project to the MSOE community and to retain copies of their own work products. Please consult an advisor for more information on this topic. In general, MSOE will not exert any IP rights unless extraordinary support is provided by MSOE.

Getting Started

Team formation generally occurs in April of the academic year preceding the senior design course sequence. Typically each team is self-formed and self-selects its project. If your organization has a project idea that would be appropriate as a senior design project and is able to make the commitments required for a sponsor, please send a one page summary of the project to Dr. Chris Taylor at npǝ˙ǝosɯ@ɹolʎɐʇ. Be sure to include contact information so that students interested in the project can contact you directly for further details.

Characteristics of a Good Project