This sequence of courses provides significant flexibility to each team to self-direct much of their project. In order to be successful, students are expected to take ownership and drive their project forward. In completing the project, each team must demonstrate that their work addresses key elements of software engineering in a competent way and each student must demonstrate technical contributions and work effectively within the team and process.

Team Components

Each team must demonstrate that their project addresses the following elements of software engineering in a competent way:

Each team will be required to document how they have addressed the elements listed above.

Individual Components

Students are responsible for demonstrating achievement of the course learning outcomes which, over the senior design sequence include:

Each student will be required to document his/her achievement of a selection of the outcomes listed above.

Each advisor may have different grading criteria. Dr. Taylor plans to weight grades as follows:

Percent Item(s)
60% Sprint: Results and Process
40% Deliverables (including documented achievement of selected outcomes and other items that vary by quarter)

The grade for each sprint will consist of an individual portion and a team portion. The individual portion will include an assessment of 1) contribution to the team, 2) effort, 3) communication (e.g., status report entries, comments on tasks, commit messages, pull requests, code reviews, etc...), 4) appropriate use of tools, 5) process discipline, and 6) student outcomes reflections. The group portion will include an assessment of 1) sprint work-product, 2) sprint artifacts (e.g., plan, PBIs, tasks, sprint review, retro, etc...), 3) process improvements (both identification and execution), and 4) reflections on how the team addressed the software engineering elements.

A significant portion of the composite grade is based on team submissions. However, in most teams their are typically performance variations among individual team members. Therefore, after preliminary individual totals are computed according the the table shown above, assigned course grades may be adjusted by up to two full letter grades (e.g., C to A or C to F) to account for these performance differences. Individual performance consists of instructor evaluation of: project contributions, demonstration and level of engineering skills, participation in meetings, and professionalism as well as peer evaluation forms.