Version 3.2 of the Software Engineering Curriculum applies to students starting in the Fall of 2015 or after. Version 3.3 is nearly identical* and this page serves to describe both version 3.2 and version 3.3. The track can be found in the Academic Catalog.

Differences in versions:


SE Version 3.3

Flow Chart

SE Version 3.3

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Math Minor

Software Engineering students can obtain the math minor if they take MA232 and MA235 for two (of the three MA/SCI electives) and then take one additional math course beyond the requirements for the SE degree.

UX Minor

Software Engineering students can obtain the UX minor with only one additional course beyond the SE degree requirements provided they:

Program Electives

Science Electives

Math/Science Electives

Business Electives

Humanities/Social Science Electives

Students must take:

Free Electives

Students must take two courses from this list: