Lunch with Faculty

Each weekday an MSOE professor will eat lunch at Spizter Commons and students are encouraged to join. The goal is to foster informal relationships between faculty and students. Look for the table with the Lunch with Professor sign next to it.

Tentative Fall Schedule

Week 4

Mondaynoon-1pmDr. Adam LivingstonEECS
Tuesdaynoon-1pmDr. Ahmed SayedEECS
Wednesday11:30am-12:30pmDr. Lauren BeverungHSC
Thursdaynoon-1pmDr. Sebastian BerishaEECS
Fridaynoon-1pmDr. Chris TaylorEECS

Week 5

Mondaynoon-1pmDr. Adam LivingstonEECS
Tuesdaynoon-1pmProf. Tamara OmariCAECM
Wednesday11:30am-12:30pmDr. Ahmed SayedEECS
Thursday11am-noonDr. Chris TaylorEECS
Friday12:30-1:30pmDr. Sebastian BerishaEECS

Week 6

Mondaynoon-1:pmDr. Adam LivingstonEECS
Tuesdaynoon-1pmDr. Ahmed SayedEECS
Wednesday11am-noonDr. Chris Taylor1EECS
Thursday11am-noonDr. Chris TaylorEECS
Fridaynoon-1pmDr. Sebastian BerishaEECS

1 Tentative

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does it Work?

Feel free to just stop by and say "hi" or have a seat and engage.

Can I Participate Even if I Don't Know the Professor?

Sure. Many of us enjoy getting to know students even if we don't have you in class.

What if I'm Curious but I don't Want to Talk?

No problem. If there are other students already at the table, feel free to sit down and observe. If the professor is there alone, you may want to bring a friend along who is willing to engage in discussion.

What Do We Talk About?

Whatever you'd like. If you have specific questions, feel free to bring them. Otherwise, the professor may have questions for you.

Can I Request a Faculty Member to Participate?

Sure. Either ask the faculty member directly to sign up for a slot, if it is more comfortable for you, feel free to send me a note at npǝ˙ǝosɯ@ɹolʎɐʇ, and I will reach out to them.