• Use Alert and TextInputDialog classes to interact with the user
  • Explain how exception handling increases the robustness of software
  • Define exception; explain the concepts of catch and throw as they relate to exceptions
  • Explain why Error exceptions should not be caught in application code
  • For a given program and input condition, determine the control flow of a try-catch block
  • Implement a method that catches an exception thrown by a class in the Java Standard Library
  • Implement a method that uses a try-catch block and a repetition statement (i.e., loop) to validate user input
  • Explain the concept of exception propagation; explain the outcome if an exception is thrown and not caught by the program

Logistics [0:39]

Alert Dialog [11:22]

Exception Handling Motivation [6:53]

Exception Handling Overview [13:14]

Exception Example [7:26]

Retry withTextInputDialog [7:36]