• Describe the differences between creating JavaFX applications using imperative programming and using FXML with declarative style programming
  • Implement controller classes and make appropriate modifications to FXML files to provide functionality to UI controls such as Button and TextField classes

Note taking requirement

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Intro [9:50]

  • What does MVC stand for?
  • Which file contains the View?
  • Which file contains the Controller?
  • What do we need to do with a FXMLLoader object to use FXML?

FXML [14:09]

  • What does FXML stand for?
  • What was the root component used in Prof. Jones' FMXL file?
  • How is the controller associated with the FXML file?
  • Where are attributes placed in FXML files?
  • What does the xmlns:fx attribute specify?
  • How was the padding tag used?

Controller [10:29]

  • Note that FMXL components referenced in the controller should be declared private
  • How are components declared in the FXML file tied to attributes in the controller class?
  • When and why do we use the @FXML annotation?
  • How are event handlers specified in the controller class connected to components in the FXML file?
  • Which components should be represented in the controller class?