• Explain what it means to "register an event handler"
  • Write a method reference representing an instance method of a particular object
  • Use a method reference to register an event handler to a Button or TextField
  • Explain the role of the ActionEvent passed to the method reference
  • Determine the source of the event that called an event handler
  • Describe the event-delegation model and explain the role of the event source object and the event listener
  • List two classes whose instances are the source of events (e.g., Button)
  • List two classes whose instances are event objects (e.g., ActionEvent)
  • Implement the EventHandler interface as an inner class
  • Implement an EventHandler as a lambda expression

Logistics [1:49]

EventTypes [5:18]

Stand-Alone Handler Class [4:05]

GUI Class as Event Handler [5:44]

Git Versioning Details [3:33]

Inner Class Handler [4:47]

Anonymous Inner Class Handler [8:50]

Lambda Expression [6:37]