• Use mathematic operations to manipulate characters
  • Interpret code in which automatic type conversions are present
  • Use type casting to explicitly convert data types
  • Explain the risks associated with explicit type casting
  • Use short-circuit evaluation to avoid divide-by-zero and null-pointer exceptions

Note taking requirement

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Notetaking Tips

Short-Circuit Evaluation [5:56]

  • How is short-circuit evaluation done with an &&?
  • How is short-circuit evaluation done with an ||?

Character Math: rot13 Encryption Intro [3:18]

  • What is rot13 encryption
  • How do we perform math on char values

Type Promotion [7:44]

  • What is a narrowing conversion?
  • When does a narrowing conversion occur implicitly?
  • Explain the risk associated with explicit type casting?

rot13 Encryption [18:09]

  • When do we need to cast when doing math on chars?
  • How do I check if a character is a letter?

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